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MAAC has helped animation studios, production houses and television channels find talented and skilled individuals for various job roles in the animation, VFX, multimedia, graphic design and media and entertainment industries. MAAC provides Career Developement Training to prepare students for various job roles in the global job market.


List of some of the best studios/ companies that have recruited MAAC students

Employment Driven Education

India has the world's largest employable talent pool. But only one-fourth is directly employable. The remaining candidates are not skilled for new or complex service offering.

This is where MAAC's Employment Driven Education helps you with:

  • Job-orientated programs
  • Training in latest skills as per industry trends
  • Job-readiness with Employability Enhancement Program


We have a full-fledged Placements Team that helps animation studios, web design companies, gaming companies & other organisations find talented candidates for their requirements. We are in constant touch with graduating students at all our centres. On receiving recruitment request, the Team screens & shortlists suitable candidates as per the job requirement and sends them for interviews.

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Recruitment Request

Organisations/studios share a detailed job description and company profile with our placement team.

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Shortlisting Candidate

On receiving the recruitment request, the placement team coordinates with various MAAC centres & provides a list of suitable candidates to be interviewed for the job.

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Final Selection

The organisation/studio tests & interviews the candidate. Upon selection, the organisation make an offer and the candidate joins the company.