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28 Jan 2020

Learn How to become a VFX artist

If you are planning to take up a career in VFX, it is quite evident that the stereotyped options are certainly not your thing. However, to get started, you indeed need to learn the basics of how to become a VFX artist.

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15 Feb 2020

Evolution of Animation Technology

In recent times, the name animation bears an integral association with the film industry. Even the millennial crowd too, used to believe that the animation movies they grew up watching, were imports and made abroad. But do you know that the application and usage of animation in India started as early as 1934?

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07 Mar 2020

The Must Known Facts in Visual Film Making: VFX Pipeline

The VFX pipeline happens to be the various stages of production, which is essential to add visual effects to create a VFX film. The pipeline is prepared to assign respective tasks to the corresponding artists and the departments. This, in turn, helps to understand the roles and responsibilities of each of the artists from the departments and perform accordingly.

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13 Mar 2020

Why Animatiom and VFX Industry is Growing in India

We can see the steady growth in the Indian Animation Industry. We are witnessing a change in Animation and VFX Industry, now our society is accepting Animation and VFX as a stable profession. Having the potential to deliver quality work, Indian studios are now competing with international studios.

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01 Apr 2020

What are the Steps to Create a Good Animated Movie

Animated movies are fun to watch. If you are aware of the industry, you might be knowing about the efforts it takes to create one good animated movies. It is a huge mammoth task that requires a coordinating team to complete in the time.

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